There is no additional charge!

Starting your own beachwear collection with Private Label Bikinis is a great idea!

Made in Brazil 100%! 



Here are a few reasons why you might consider e-mailing us about our private label bikinis:

  • We produce swimwear since 1989, meaning that we are one of the oldest swimwear factory in Brazil

  • Our HQ is located in Rio de Janeiro city in Brazil;

  • All bikinis are made using high-quality materials – original Lycra and biodegradable;

  • Our main fabric supplier is certified with the Oeko-Tex®100 – Class I, which certifies the non-existence of toxic products to human skin in our fabrics + UV protection

  • 100% made in Brazil;

  • exclusive prints available = EXCLUSIVITY;

  • exclusive styles and non-mass production;

  • no minimum order on your first purchase: we want you to be sure about our quality

  • no start-up restrictions;

  • shipping for 25 bikinis >>> aprox US$50 >>> delivery in 2 business days – only for US and Canada


Private Label Bikinis – we put your brand/label in our bikinis!

Changing labels:

Minimum order: 150!mixed styles (Collection 2020/19 (images that are in our site) >>> . Can be different sizes and colors.

Change Label: if you already have your labels, you can send them directly to us. If not, we can produce it for you. For the same minimum order of 100 mixed styles, you can ask us to remove all tags, labels and hygienic protection sticker that have Fashion Bikini  name and will replace for a non-branded hygienic sticker, composition label, care instructions and size. All in English.

To have access to our price list and more information, send an e-mail to  If you want to create your own collection, send an e-mail to  (subject: create my beachwear collection).

Private label bikinis:

When we talk about private labelling bikinis (changing labels or creating your own collection), dealing with a company established since 1989 is always more reliable.

We cover all the process that comes with it – making a sample/prototype, selecting fabric and accessories, production and shipping.

Now, considering our 30+ years of experience and because everything is produced within our facilities, we can offer a great range of possibilities – meaning flexibility – to customize your bikinis.

Today we count with 5 lycra’s suppliers and among them one of the most innovative and eco-friendly (Oeko-Tex certified) fabric producer.

Besides that, we can offer some astonishing handmade stitching. It is always important to have in mind that you can use one of our existing styles, or you can create/design something totally new.

  • Samples/Prototype

This is the beginning of everything.

The most important step.

Developing the right sample/prototype will make your life, and ours, a lot easier during all the process. We will be glad to receive images, sketches and even a real piece of bikini to help us developing what will be the cornerstone for the entire collection you are about to create.

Attention: we are not going to start production until you are completely satisfied with your sample.

  • Turnaround Time

One sample can take something between 7-15 business days to be finished. It will depend on how complex, or not, it is.

After placing your minimum order for 250 pieces and   per style and color ( solid opr printed ) 20 pieces , and making the first payment, we can have your order finished within 4 weeks. Same time if you decide to order 2000 pieces.

  • Minimum Order

Here is the best part!

  1. We do not want to be part of your nightmare asking for a minimum order of 600 or 1500 pieces. Our minimum is for only 250 pieces per style 20 pieces;

  2. It is well known how hard it is to start any business, but when it comes to creating a beachwear collection we can make it a bit easier;

  3. And the most important: we want to be your PARTNER!

So, our minimum order is for only 250  pieces and  per style  20 pieces which can be divided in 3 different sizes for exemple : 4/8/8  Anything we can do to help you, WE WILL DO! You can also come to Brazil and visit our facilities at any time.

  • Customized colors and prints

Although it seems a really good option, we do not recommend doing this on your first collection.

The main reason is simple: you will have to pay for an enormous amount of fabric, equal to 200 pieces per print 

Our suggestion is that you select a color or print that we have in stock. Just so you know, we have more than 120  different colors 500 exclusive prints you can work with.

Also important: check if the company you are prospecting have a page on Facebook or Instagram. It will help you avoid getting scammed.

Wholesale – Fashion Bikini on the bikinis

If you don’t live in Brazil, we won’t ask for a minimum order on your first purchase, so feel free to choose any style, color and size. After your first purchase, the minimum order will be for 10  styles (mixed styles, colors and sizes). 

How to buy

You can buy here only after   add 10  pieces in the cart  our system automatically wil give you 40% discount over our regular  retail prices

If you want   to order over 150 pieces  please Send an email to  and we will give a  better  condition 



We accept: credit card, Paypal and International Wire Transfer.



Delivery can take up to 5 business days (USA and Canda – 2 business days; Europe and Australia – 5 business days). If you live in another region, please, send an email asking about delivery time.

Due to our 11 years of partnership with FedEx, we can offer you the best shipping cost. For more information about duties and taxes, check the following link:

I really hope that the information has helped and look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact us via e-mail or calling directly to +55 21 99805-8170  (international calls only).

  Q&A – Questions and Answers

About our company 

We are a Brazilian swimwear company, established since 1989. We are located in Rio de Janeiro , in the traditional neighborhood of Copacabana Rua Santa  Clara 33/1018. Every year we sell more than 30.000 pieces of swimwear all over the world. Our main clients are from Brazil, USA, Australia and Italy, but we have already sold to more than 40 countries. You can contact us via e-mail, Skype or phone  +55 21 99805-8170

I still don’t know who you are and am really concerned about doing business with Fashion Bikini. What else can you say or do to prove that you are not a fraud?

We have several clients all over the world, and some are our clients for more than 15 years. We can also send official documents from the Brazilian government, To show that we are real, we can make an appointment with a video call so we can show you our facilities and staff.


Why should I buy Fashion Bikini | Brazilian bikinis and one piece?

Brazilian bikinis are known worldwide. The most famous swimwear brands come from Brazil. Our Swimwears have changed the swimwear industry. Movie stars, top models and fashionistas love the cut and design of Brazilian swimwear. Besides that, we offer a 100% refund in case you don’t like your bikinis. All you have to do is send an e-mail telling us why you want to return the swimwears, ship it back to us and when it arrives, we’ll refund you.


I don’t believe this is true. How can I be sure about that?

Well, this is simple. On your first purchase, use Paypal and be 100% sure that you can have your money back. Click HERE to read Paypal’s refund policy.


What should I do to start selling your Brazilian swimwear?

Some of our clients started with big quantities but we recommend that you start with at least 25 styles. By doing this you can check our quality and also have a great range of styles to show to your potential clients. If you still think 25 styles are too much to start, feel free to make an order for as many styles as you want. We don’t want you to lose money. We also support a conscious entrepreneurship. To know more, you can also read this great article: “New Wealth Mindset for the Conscious Entrepreneur”.


You have too many styles and I have no idea where to begin. Can you help me?

Yes! You can start by selecting the bikinis you like the most and think that will please your clients. Still, one of the best ways to start is by sharing the images of our Brazilian bikinis collection with family and friends. We can also help you select the best sellers swimwear.


Do you sell bikinis separates?

No, we only sell the set (top + bottom).


I find your prices higher than others.

Well, if you want to buy high-quality Brazilian bikinis, we can assure you that our price is not that high. We use the finest fabric for swimwear; we’re a Brazilian company that follows Brazilian tax and labour laws. We provide total support and refund if you are not satisfied with our quality. Remember that on your first purchase we don’t ask for a minimum order.


Fashion Bikini
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