Brazil is a huge manufactuer, see our numbers bellow:

  • Textile and Apparel Chain Revenue: USD 48,3 billion, versus USD 52,2 billion in 2017;
  • Exports (excluding cotton fiber): USD 2,5 billion, versus USD 2,4 billion in 2017;
  • Imports (excluding cotton fiber): USD 5.7 billion, versus USD 5,2 billion in 2017;
  • Trade balance (excluding cotton fiber): negative USD 3,1 billion, versus negative USD 2,8 billion in 2016;
  • Investments in the sector: USD 894,4 million, versus USD 985 million in 2017;
  • Average apparel production: 8.9 billion pieces (apparel+socks and accessories+home textiles), versus 5.7 billion pieces in 2016;
  • Average textile production: 8,9 million tons, versus 8,9 million tons in 2017;
  • Retail Apparel: 1,2 million pieces, versus 1.3 million pieces in 2017;
  • Workers: 1.5 million direct employees and 8 million more if indirect employees and income effect are added, 75% of which are women;
  • 2nd largest employer in the manufacturing industry, behind only the (joint) food and beverage industry;
  • 2nd largest job creator;
  • Number of companies: 25,000 nationwide (legally registered);
  • Fourth largest apparel production complex in the world;
  • Fourth largest textile producer worldwide;
  • Sixth largest producer and third largest consumer of denim internationally;
  • World’s fourth largest producer of knitwear;
  • Accounts for 16.7% of employees and 5.7% of Manufacturing Industry revenues;
  • Brazilian fashion is among world’s the five largest Fashion Weeks;
  • We have over 100 fashion schools and colleges;
  • With its self-sufficient cotton production, Brazil produces 9.4 billion manufactured items yearly (of these, around 5.3 billion are apparel items) and is an international reference in beachwear, jeanswear and homewear. *data from 2014;
  • With the discovery of pre-salt layer oil, Brazil will no longer be an importer, becoming a potential exporter for the world’s Synthetic Textile Chain;
  • Brazil is still the only complete Textile Chain in the Western world. Only Brazil still has everything from fiber production, such as cotton farms, up through fashion shows and spinning mills, weaving mills, processors, apparel manufacturers and a strong retail segment;
  • A nearly 200-year-old industry in the country;
  • Brazil is an international reference in the design of beachwear, jeanswear and homewear, having also grown in the fitnesswear and underwear segments.

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